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Leading technologies in Body Shaping

Prevalent energy-based body shaping technologies include radiofrequency (RF), laser and ultrasound, including high-intensity focused ultrasound (HIFU), as well as cryolipolysis, electromagnetic energy, and more. 

RF-based body shaping system combined Infrared light ,Vacuum  and Auto rolling massage , Kumashape,offers distinctive handpiece and placement location versatility and customizable 15 to 30 minutes protocols to treat the full abdomen or multiple body areas simultaneously. This powerful, non-invasive RF platform adapts to patients’ individual needs and features real-time temperature control for clinically proven results, safety and patient comfort. 

Cryolipolysis is perhaps the most well-known fat reduction and body shaping technology right now. “This method is effective on many patients,” noted Michael a facial plastic surgeon in Washington, D.C. “In addition, while most people tolerate the cold, after the treatment there is some massage, which can be quite painful, at times.”

Non-invasive High Focused Electro Magnetic system  is new on the aesthetic scene, although it is established in the urology and gynecology fields. As an electromagnetic field passes through the body, it intermingles with motor neurons, which then trigger supramaximal muscle contractions. The exposure of muscles to these contractions leads to their strengthening. This technology addresses fat to an extent, but mostly provokes muscle contractions that result in muscle building and body sculpting effects.

There not have the best but always the most suitable product for different clinic. consult with our Rep.for more information. 

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