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As a manfacture who focused in research,design,and produce Med-Aesthetic laser since 1999, we have factory qualified with ISO 13485 and other  standards. some of our products Medical CE approved by TUV Reinland GmBH labortory. some  cleared with US FDA ,Australia TGA . You may think that is not a big deal,  all products in the market looking same and function same too. But that means a lot . in the internet world , a person  who has nothing actually but advertising as  " Professional factory " just with few people and assemble room,no research engineers, no ISO , no designers , no working standards. no qualification to produce medical devices illegal producing location. even worse some company not even have that aseemble room. only as trading to earn price difference between these illegal factory and customers . when problem happens you can imagine how many support you can get from them. But ,when comparing with real manufacture like us, they may make better image of company showing to customers . i could say if the products are daily use non-high technology products ,that doesn't matter much , because there may not have so much big differences in products produced by qualified factory or by illegal "factory" or company . But for Medical and Aesthetic products ,especiallly Laser, Ultrasond hifu, and Radio frequency etc devices , that matters a lot.  Except of the product itself , there also  have safety ,effects ,and service in at least 5 ,even lifelong maintanence.  we doing more than 22 years by far. have stable quality products with satisfaction results. 

We know that clearly and we make up for that by providing our clients with the best guides and products, we were and we are willing to pay for quality by hire professional engineers and workers to ensure the best performance of our products , we hope our customers also willing to pay quality but not just by the price. 

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